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Ultrapure Water Filtration Solution

Ultrapure water filtering products are designed to meet cleanliness criteria, particularly for the quantitative removal of colloidal silica, particles, TOC, bacteria, pyrogens (bacterial fragments), and metal ions. To obtain the needed ultrapure water quality, Alfa Chemistry suggests the use of filters at crucial points in the water filtration process. At the same time, we offer innovative ultrapure water filters for semiconductor manufacturing to our customers.

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To run RO units efficiently and affordably, pretreatment is required. Pre-reverse osmosis (Pre-RO) filters from Alfa Chemistry ensure consistent high quality. Because membrane fouling is decreased and electricity expenses are lowered, the RO device can operate at a lower pressure for a longer period of time.

Ultrapure Water

Resin Trap filters defend against the potentially catastrophic downstream contamination that ion exchange beds frequently leak. The main filter in the UPW water circuit should be an ultrafiltration module, according to Alfa Chemistry. The UF module has a molecular cutoff level of up to 4000 Daltons, allowing it to reliably remove pollutants including colloidal silica, bacterial breakdown products, and molecules that are larger than the removal threshold.

Alfa Chemistry's expertise can suggest filters for a successful UPW system that would lower RO power costs, increase PM frequency, and eliminate flaws.

Product benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Reduce power in RO system
  • Extended PM frequency
  • Reliable particle cleanliness

Ultrapure Water

Product Applications:

  • UPW purifier
  • Resin trap filter
  • Ultrafiltration prefilter
  • POU cold/hot UPW
  • Central/Loop Filter
  • Tank ventilation filter
  • Cooling water filter
  • Ultrafiltration module

Alfa Chemistry's ultra-pure water filtration products remove contaminants from influent water in a reliable and cost-effective manner. To discover more about how Pall UPW filtering technology can assist maximize UPW system performance, contact an Alfa Chemistry expert.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.