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Alfa Chemistry's wide bioprocessing platform knowledge and extensive technology enable us to provide end-to-end support for procedures such as gene therapy (viral vectors), monoclonal antibodies (mAb), and recombinant protein manufacturing. We have a global staff of numerous experienced experts who can assist you with your molecules from pre-clinical to commercial manufacture, as well as discover the optimal upstream and downstream solutions based on data and testing.

Process Development Service

We have the knowledge and facilities to support and accelerate the development of your processes in addition to goods. We can optimize your process rapidly and demonstrate that it is ready for industrial-scale production, reducing your time to market.

Alfa Chemistry focuses on designing, optimizing, and transitioning scalable processes from pre-clinical to cGMP commercial manufacturing using our global centers of excellence and industry-leading technologies. Choosing us as your process development partner will allow you to save time by utilizing our industry experts, proven methodology, and award-winning integrated bioprocess equipment. Following the design and optimization of your process, you will receive professional support from our technical experts, who will ensure stress-free platform adoption during the production process, reducing delays and speeding up time to market.

Process Development Service

Collaboration leads to success

Our goal is to work with you to provide the finest platform solutions possible, whether that means streamlining your current process or starting from scratch.

We think that the most successful projects are those that involve open and collaborative partnership communication, and we approach each project with an open mind, ready to listen to your needs and ideas. We take the time to learn about your background and make sure that the development goals at each step are in line with your requirements and expectations.

Comprehensive Solution

Our integrated solutions team combines the best engineering and project management methods with in-depth industry experience and a varied equipment range to help you streamline your production process, cut total product costs, and speed time to market. The integrated system, which is backed by full technical services, combines different unit operations into a single, centrally automated process. This notion can be used in two or more unit processes, as well as a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Benefits of integrated solutions

Moving to an integrated system will help you simplify and streamline your production process, cut total merchandise costs, and speed time to market. The simplified procedure, which makes use of standards, equipment, qualified single-use system design, and components, eliminates the risk of operator mistake, ensuring cGMP compliance and product quality.

Comprehensive Solution

Alfa Chemistry Biotechnology Integrated Solution

Our integrated solutions team combines the best engineering and project management methods with extensive industry experience and a wide range of equipment combinations to deliver these benefits on time, under budget, and whenever you need them.

We can supply completely integrated bioprocessing solutions from discovery to commercialization; from upstream to final filling; from initial design to execution, whether you're generating mAbs, recombinant proteins, vaccines, cells, or gene therapy.

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