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Microbial Control Filtration Solutions for Wine Fermentation

You are dedicated to producing high-quality wines that are consistent in appearance, smell, feel, and flavor from one bottle to the next. Alfa Chemistry is dedicated to supplying you with the products you need to ensure that your wine maintains its flavor, fragrance, and quality. We blend the skill of fine winemaking with stringent quality control. We have solutions for the following applications in terms of wine processing quality control.

Spoilage Detection

Contamination may occur at various stages of wine production. The main pollutants of wine include Lactobacillus, Oenococcus, Pediococcus, Acetobacter, yeast, and mold. These microorganisms affect the flavor and smell of wine. By following a robust sampling plan throughout the entire production chain from fermentation to filling, you can easily detect unwanted microorganisms.

To detect potential spoilage microorganisms quickly, effectively, and efficiently in your wine production, Alfa Chemistry provides easy-to-use products and solutions to help you detect them early to prevent contaminated wine from reaching your customers.

Distributor Membrane Filter: The automatic distribution filter optimizes the corruption detection workflow and saves time. The benefits to wine production include:

  • High-speed wine sample filtration.
  • Due to the clear colony morphology and clear gridlines, colony counts can be easily performed.

Microbiological Control for Wine Fermentation

Manifold: By choosing a manifold size (1, 2, 3, or 6 branches), you may make routine spirits spoilage detection easier. All Alfa Chemistry reusable and single-use funnels and filter devices are compatible. The benefits include:

  • Sturdy all stainless steel material.
  • It can be assembled easily without tools.
  • Easy to clean and operate.

Funnel: This product is a reusable 250 ml funnel for membrane filters on the manifold. Benefits include:

  • Can be autoclaved multiple times.
  • The large inner diameter ensures a high flow rate.
  • The conical design ensures that no liquid remains in the funnel.

Monitors: A ready-to-use sterile filter unit combines a 100 ml funnel, lid, filter base, mesh membrane filter, and cellulose pad in one unit. After filtering, simply add nutrient medium and remove the funnel to convert the monitor to a petri dish, without the need to manipulate the membrane. The benefits include:

  • The integrated design can save time and processing steps.
  • Minimize the risk of secondary pollution.
  • Different types of ampoule media can be used for wine microbiological quality control.

Analytical QC

Analytical quality control tests are required to verify that the quality and flavor of your wine satisfy the high standards of your clients. These tests can detect grape ripeness, control the fermentation process, certify that the harvested fruit is totally mature, and determine the chemical composition of the wine by observing how the composition varies.

What to test?

  • Basic analytical tests include wet chemical analysis, gas chromatography (GC), atomic adsorption (AA), inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Sugar content in grapes
  • Conductivity, pH, sugar content, alcohol concentration/vinegar concentration, oxygen content, yeast titer, color and smell

You'll need the correct sample preparation tools to execute any analytical test. The quality of the samples has an impact on the quality of the results. Alfa Chemistry has the right materials and solutions to make sample preparation for analysis and testing quick, effective, and efficient.

Filter Paper

In the brewery laboratory, many analytical QC procedures necessitate a filtering step to pre-treat the sample prior to the test method. Fill the funnel leading to the container with different grades of round pleated filter paper to eliminate turbidity in the wort, yeast cells after fermentation, and CO2 or degas samples before density or specific gravity testing.

Microbiological Control for Wine Fermentation

Syringe Filter

  • To guarantee maximum sensitivity and accuracy while protecting equipment from particle load, samples for HPLC, GC-MS, or ICP must be well clarified prior to analysis.
  • To ensure optimal performance, syringe filters are tailored for sample preparation with maximum chemical compatibility. Aqueous liquids, solvents, and a wide range of chemicals are all well-suited to RC.
  • SRP filters can be used for venting and leachable-free clearing of liquids with a pH range of 1 to 14. PES has a stronger chemical compatibility than PES in MBS housing since it combines a PES membrane with a PP housing.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.