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Single-use Technical Solutions in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

From upstream to downstream, formulation and filling, Alfa Chemistry's disposable platform offers a broad spectrum of disposable process solutions. We offer a unique process that uses the same structural components, can readily scale from a laboratory to a complete cGMP commercial operation, and provides the same robustness, dependability, and batch records required for drug production.

Through strong technical support and a highly robust and trustworthy supply chain, we can give services to customers all over the world. We are proud of the design quality and ease of use of our disposable systems, ensuring that our customers achieve all applicable safety and regulatory criteria on a consistent basis.

Expanding Applications for Single-Use Technologies

The disposable technology industry in biopharmaceutical manufacturing is growing at a robust 16-18%, according to reports. With the market's predicted large growth, adaptive technology will be in high demand. Disposable biological treatment equipment has been widely employed in small-scale applications during the development and clinical manufacturing stages. Many biotechnology and contract manufacturing companies are currently advocating the use of disposable technologies in commercial manufacturing, particularly in emerging fields.

Expanding Applications for Single-Use Technologies

Disposable solutions are appealing because they eliminate the need for cleaning and cleaning verification, lowering capital costs and shortening set-up and turnaround times. They also reduce the possibility of cross-contamination and give you more flexibility to respond to changing market needs by making system reconfiguration simple, making them perfect for multi-product facilities that need to be copied in multiple locations.

Single-Use Solutions Applications

Automated System

Alfa Chemistry takes a careful approach to the design of single-use processing automation systems to encourage their uptake and utilization. This necessitates attention to all components of the system, including hardware, consumables, and control systems, to assure end-user ease of use.

The MVP single-use system is a fully automated biological treatment system that increases efficiency and flexibility in single-use processing upstream and downstream.

Biological Container

It can be used for recipe storage as well as filling from upstream to downstream.

Large-scale applications are the goal of 3D bio-containers. They're made of high-quality films to meet biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing's stringent performance standards.

Connectors and Isolators

Hoses can be connected easily and safely in an unclassified environment, and sterile device activities can be removed safely and swiftly.

The sterile connector delivers a higher level of sterility assurance with its intuitive operation and three simple steps—click, pull, and twist. Each device can be autoclaved or gamma-irradiated and is made of bisphenol A-free polyethersulfone.

Single-Use Solutions


Disposable system hardware solutions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries provide structural integrity for biological containers and disposable systems to fulfill a variety of business needs.

While decreasing the manufacturing footprint, the foldable plastic tote bag may readily apply 50 L, 100 L, 200 L, and 500 L disposable systems surrounding each unit operation. The stackable, operable, and foldable plastic tote bag is uniquely developed to provide optimum flexibility in the processing environment.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.