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Filtration Solutions in Semiconductor Field

Process gas filtration, trace moisture detection, ultra-pure water, and wet etching and cleaning are just some of the uses for Alfa Chemistry's high-tech solutions in the semiconductor sector. We have decades of experience developing and manufacturing chemical filtration and purification products for the semiconductor and associated industries.

Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) filtration solutions are provided in collaboration with suppliers and end-users, and we continue to develop more efficient and cost-effective products to handle a variety of slurries and applications. Alfa Chemistry's filtration and purification products are preferred by semiconductor manufacturers due to their process support qualities, quality, cost savings, and higher productivity.

Improving Semiconductor Manufacturing

Because typical particle filtration is inefficient in semiconductor manufacturing, methods to eliminate and decrease dangerous molecular impurities are essential. Advanced filtering and separation technologies for semiconductor manufacturing deliver the greatest outcomes and cost reductions while also delivering high nano rejection rates.

Alfa Chemistry's high-capacity purification system removes molecular impurities for a long time. Particle retention, permeability, purity, and durability are all strong points for Alfa Chemistry filters. Integrated circuits, data storage, flat panel displays, and photovoltaics are all examples of semiconductor applications.


Our Technology and Products

We follow the international standard management plan and don't utilize PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) as a processing aid in the production of fluoropolymer products any longer. The phrase "perfluorooctanoic acid-free" refers to the absence of PFOA as a minor component in the filter material. PFOA-free materials have been verified for all fluoropolymer filter components used in wet etching and cleaning applications.

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is a chemical frequently utilized in semiconductor wafer drying operations. The control level of impurities in IPA grows more stringent as the feature size of semiconductor devices lowers. Filtration is critical for lowering pollutants, and we are devoted to supplying the most cutting-edge technology available to meet this demand. The particle size eliminated by the IPA filter must be less than the control level of pollutants, according to the control level of pollutants. Another crucial criterion of the IPA filter is to keep the filter's extractables to a minimum. HDPE membrane filters are increasingly being replaced by polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane filters.


For semiconductor applications, our purification and filtration methods enable enhanced nano rejection rates.

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