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Filtration, separation, and purification-that's what we do for customers who want to safeguard health, protect critical assets, and improve product quality. Alfa Chemistry is betting on the research and development of filtration technology with continuous innovative thinking. The high-quality R&D team continuously develops advanced technologies and processes to meet the needs of customers to enhance product functions and reduce costs.

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Our Product Portfolio

Alfa Chemistry is a global authority in the field of filtration, separation, and purification. With our products, personnel, and expertise, advanced filtration technology is brought to life.
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Filter Products

We provide various types of filters to meet your experimental needs.

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Basic Filtration

We provide you with a wide range of media, membrane, filter plate and filter paper products.

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Filtration Equipment

We offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories to meet your filtration needs across industries.

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Filtration for Bioprocessing

We provide a variety of filtration products to support your biological experiment procedures.

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We offer a variety of coalescer products compatible with a variety of liquids and gases, suitable for various applications.

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What Solution Are You Looking For?

Our industry-leading technologies and solutions play a role in countless applications, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical, laboratories, microelectronics, etc.
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Life Science Research

Alfa Chemistry helps simplify sample preparation, ensure sterility, and speed up analysis in the workflow of life science research laboratories.

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Chemical Filtration

Our innovative chemical filtration solutions can be seamlessly integrated into chemical processes to remove impurities, thereby simplifying chemical treatment operations.

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Polymer Filtration

Alfa Chemistry has been a pioneer in solving the difficult filtration challenges faced by manufacturers of high-performance fibers, films, and resins.

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Vaccine Production

Alfa Chemistry's innovative process technology has made important contributions to the success of many vaccine production processes.

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Medical OEM Manufacturing

For diagnostic and healthcare applications, we supply you with one-of-a-kind and dependable medical OEM filters and solutions

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We have decades of experience developing and manufacturing chemical filtration and purification products for the semiconductor and associated industries.

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Applying Alfa Chemistry's wine filtration technology and expertise to your operation will reduce risks and provide piece of mind by improving process control.

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Food Ingredients

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of filtration, separation, and purification solutions to help food manufacturers meet their objectives and safeguard their brands.