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Filtration Solutions for Petrochemical Processing Intermediate Products

In the petrochemical processing process, there are various intermediate steps to remove water from organic matter or remove organic matter from water. These pollutants can reduce production, product quality, reaction rate, contaminate and corrode distribution equipment (such as pumps, nozzles, pipes, and meters), and other process equipment (such as reactors, heat exchangers, contact towers, etc).

Alfa Chemistry provides various solutions for the petrochemical processing industry to purify intermediate products during processing and ensure the purity of the final product. Among them, our coalescing filter solution can ensure the purity of the intermediate product with excellent performance.

Emulsion Separation

The inability to effectively separate liquid/liquid emulsions can be a costly problem in the petrochemical industry. Liquid pollution can lead to unqualified final products, rapid deactivation of downstream catalysts, corrosion of downstream storage facilities, and increased wastewater treatment costs.

Depending on the physical properties of the two liquid phases, separating the liquid/liquid dispersion can be difficult. The specific gravity, viscosity, and interfacial tension (IFT) of the two liquid phases are important parameters that determine the ease of separation of the two liquids. When IFT is below 20 dynes/cm, traditional coalescers begin to lose efficiency. In addition, effective separation is a function of the compatibility of the liquid with the coalescer media.

Petrochemical-Intermediate Product

Separation Made Easy

Alfa Chemistry's coalescer filters can effectively separate liquid/liquid emulsions and liquid/liquid dispersions. Depending on the process conditions, the filter has or does not have a separator stack. The unique stack configuration optimizes the flow distribution to achieve a smaller size and longer service life. Excellent liquid and particle removal efficiency can reduce the occurrence of unqualified products, thereby saving post-processing, downgrading, and transportation costs. Due to its long life and excellent liquid removal efficiency, the overall cost of contaminant removal is low even when compared to other less efficient methods such as salt dryers, electrostatic separators, and sand filters. The filter element has a long service life, which can reduce the number of filter element replacements.

We also own the Y series coalescer, which is a high-efficiency separation filter element made entirely of polyolefin materials. This allows the coalescer to be used for various liquid/liquid separations. The coalescer medium contains a three-layer tapered hole structure. The emulsion first enters the inside of the filter element and passes through the coarse pre-filter layer to prolong the service life. The fluid then encounters the fine medium layer, which initiates the coalescence process and starts the expansion of the droplets. The coalescence process is completed by a layer of coarse media that maximizes the size of the coalesced droplets before the fluid leaves the outer layer of the coalescer cartridge.

Petrochemical-Intermediate Product

The presence of emulsions that are difficult to separate can be a costly problem. Liquid contaminants can lead to substandard final products, deactivate expensive catalysts, cause corrosion and delays in storage tanks, and increase wastewater treatment costs.

The coalescer intermediate product petrochemical purification filter maintains high quality under high capacity, thereby prolonging the service life of the petrochemical intermediate product. For more information, please contact us to view purchase information or talk to an expert.

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