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Filtration Solutions for Bottled Water Production

The filtration process for bottled water varies. Filters are used to eliminate particles that degrade the clarity of bottled water as well as potentially hazardous organisms like Cryptosporidium oocysts. Alfa Chemistry products were discovered while making bottled water and were used to help make bottled water filtration. Its applications include particle removal, microbiological protection of cysts/oocysts and bottled water, and sterile gas filtration for carbonation and backpressure gas as a leading global provider in this business. We also offer a comprehensive line of bottled water quality control products for detecting particle and microbiological contamination.

Carbon Dioxide Filtration

Water bottlers can make foamy goods by adding carbon dioxide to their water. Microorganisms could be present in the CO2 pipeline, contaminating the product. Sterile filtration can be employed in these applications to prevent the introduction of microbiological pollutants such as mold and bacteria through CO2.

The PFRW filter element from Alfa Chemistry can be used for aseptic gas filtering. The filter element uses a double-layer polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane with a 0.2 micron rating that is folded into a single-opening filter element with a large surface area. They're built to handle extreme in-situ steam conditions in both forward and reverse directions.

Enhanced Microbial Retention

The Alfa Chemistry II JSD filter element for enhanced microbial retention is a hydrophilic membrane filter that reliably retains bacteria during bottled water final filtration. The filter was designed and tested to remove bacteria from bottled water more effectively, safely, and reliably. Membranes made of polyvinylpyrrolidone fluoride (PVDF) are 0.2 and 0.1 microns thick.

Bottled Water

Particulate Control

At each stage of filtration, including pre-filtration, before raw water enters the process, the continual usage of filters with Ultipleat configuration is important to the absolute purity of the end product. A continuous Profile membrane is used in a crescent-shaped pleated structure that is unique to the filter. To allow uniform flow through each fold, each fold is linked with a spiral wrap. Reduced pressure drop and higher flow rates are two advantages of the Ultipleat arrangement, resulting in unrivaled filter life.

Filters with an Ultipleat structure have the following advantages:

  • Longer service life is possible with uniform flow distribution.
  • The spiral wrap is attached to each fold to keep the folds in a uniform state of the circulation and prevent them from collapsing and bunching.
  • Many pleated polypropylene membrane filters have a shorter service life, which lowers costs and reduces replacement.
  • Fold and deep media capacity have a higher flow rate and a lower pressure difference than fold and deep media capacity.

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Vent Filtration

Alfa Chemistry is a chemical company that specializes in PFRW filters can be used as ventilation filters to keep mold, bacteria, and other microbial contaminants out of water tanks and storage tanks.

Even in humid situations, the filter's two layers of 0.2 millimeter polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane protect the sterile tank from germs, mold, and particulates. The rest of the filter is made of oxidation-resistant polypropylene. With a filter area of 107 /cm2 and 100 percent integrity testing, the fully manufactured components passed the Brevundimonas diminuta liquid challenge verification. Water infiltration and forward flow tests can be used to check the integrity of PFRW filters.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.