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E. coli O157(:H7) Testing Disc

Cat.No    ACMA00032605
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Alfa chemistry provides an ideal solution for food companies that need to reliably control the risk of E. coli O157(:H7). "

For easy, fast and reliable detection of pathogenic E. coli O157(:H7) in food

1. Speed up the batch release of products and raw materials with a short shelf life.
2. Easy to use Designed for daily use, easy to use.
3. High throughput capability

Enrichment Time Down to 8 hours
Hands-On Time About 30 minutes for 96 samples (<30 s/sample)
Internal Inhibition Control Per Sample Analysis: Detects presence of inhibitors in each sample DNA extract
Limit Of Detection 1 bacteria in 25 g of food sample
1 bacteria in 375 g of raw ground beef or raw beef trim
PCR Cycle Time < 1 hour
Sample Preparation Time < 1 hour for 96 samples
Specificity Wide range of strains tested for inclusivity and exclusivity
Total Turnaround Time Down to 10 hours

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