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Testing Disc for Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacteria Spoilage

Cat.No    ACMA00032607
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Alicyclobacillus, also known as thermophilic acidophilus (TAB), is a spoilage organism in the juice industry. Contamination of these non-pathogenic bacteria may occur at various stages of the process. We provide you with rapid detection and identification of TAB corruption.

For rapid detection and identification of TAB spoilage

1. Allow simultaneous detection and identification of beer spoilage bacteria within a few days, and colony identification within 2 hours.
2. Designed for daily use. Implementing PCR (polymerase chain reaction) has never been easier.
3. The method is based on the detection of stable genes.

Enrichment Time Filterable samples 48 hours
Unfilterable samples 72 hours
Hands-On Time Filterable samples 35 minutes for 24 samples
Unfilterable samples 25 minutes for 24 samples
Internal Inhibition Control Per Sample Analysis: Detects presence of inhibitors in each sample DNA extract
Limit Of Detection Absence in 10 mL or 10 g of sample (for detection protocol)
Down to 20 targeted bacteria/sample (for relative quantification protocol)
PCR Cycle Time < 1 hour
Relative Quantification (for Dedicated Protocol) Down to 100 targeted bacteria/sample
Sample Preparation Time Filterable samples 1 hour for 24 samples
Unfilterable samples 1 hour for 24 samples
Specificity Wide range of strains tested for inclusivity and exclusivity
Alicyclobacillus spp. assay covers over 200 strains
Total Turnaround Time Filterable samples 50 hours (for detection protocol)
Unfilterable samples 74 hours (for detection protocol)
Filterable samples 2-3 hours (for relative quantification protocol)
Validated Matrices Fruit concentrate and fruit juice (including apple, orange, grapefruit, white and red grape, blueberry, mango)
Sugar powder and sugar syrup
Condensate water

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