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Testing Disc for Beer Spoilage Bacteria

Cat.No    ACMA00032606
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Correlated bacteria beer corruption can cause high economic losses and affect brand image. Our testing plate can help brewers reduce these risks.

We offer two spoilage monitoring methods: a sensitive method includes an enrichment step to ensure that the sample is free of destructive agents; a very fast method can detect a small amount of destructive agents in less than 3 hours

1. Allow simultaneous detection and identification of beer spoilage bacteria within a few days, and colony identification within 2 hours.
2. Designed for daily use. Implementing PCR (polymerase chain reaction) has never been easier.
3. The method is based on the detection of stable genes.
4. To ensure the accuracy of the results, each sample analysis includes an internal positive control.

Compatible With Filterable samples (e.g. filled product, water)
Unfilterable samples (e.g. green beer, wort, yeast propagation)
Detectable Organisms Lactobacillus brevis
Lactobacillus lindneri
Lactobacillus backii
Lactobacillus collinoides and L.paracollinoides
Lactobacillus group: L.casei, L. paracasei, L.coryniformis, L. rossiae, L.parabuchneri (= frigidus), L.perolens and L.plantarum
Pediococcus (P. damnosus, P. inopinatus, P. claussenii)
Pectinatus (P. cerevisiiphillus, P. frisingensis, P. haikarae, P. portalensis)
Megasphaera spp. (M. cerevisiae, M. elsdenii)
Enrichment Time With common b< 1 hour for 48 samples with Extraction Pack Food 1roths (e.g. MRS or NBB). (The enrichment step is not required for the direct monitoring method.)
Hands-On Time About 45 minutes for 48 samples ( < 1 min/sample)
Limit Of Detection 25 GU/PCR well for Pectinatus spp., L. backii, (after enrichment) L. brevis, L. lindneri, L. collinoides & paracollinoides
50 GU/PCR well for Pediococcus spp.
100 GU/PCR well for Megasphaera spp., Lactobacillus group
PCR Cycle Time 1 hour

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.