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Anion Membrane T51

Cat.No    ACM-IM-113
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A non-reinforced Fluorinated anionn exchange membrane (AEM). The polymer backbone for this AEM is based on a hydrocarbon polymer material.

Redox-Flow Battery, e.g. vanadium-redox-flow battery (VRB), using aqueous acidic conditions. Another application that can benefit greatly from this membrane is non-aqueous redox flow batteries that utilize organic solvents such as acetonitrile, etc.

Density 7.5-8.5 mg/cm2
Backing Foil Between Paper
Bubble Point >4 bar (in H2O at 25°C)
Characteristics Low resistance, high blocking capability of vanadium ions, and high stability in acidic environment.
Counter Ion None
Delivery Condition Dry (Delivery form)
Elongation At Break >250%
Membrane Appearance Transparent/Colorless
Non-Std Modulus 900-1200 MPa
Permselectivity 90-96%
Reinforcement None
Resistance 0.45-0.60 (in 0.5 M H2SO4) Ω·cm2 (Specific area resistance)
Specific Conductivity 9-12 (in 0.5 M H2SO4) mS·cm-1
Swelling 0%-2% in 2 M H2SO4 at 25°C and 10%-12% in vanadyl sulfate at 25°C% (Dimensional Swelling)
Tensile Strength 40-60 MPa (max.)
Thickness 45-55 µm
Transfer Rate 2500-4500 µmol·min-1·cm-2 (Proton Transfer Rate)
Yield Strength 24-30 MPa (at 23°C/50% R.H.)

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