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Anion Membrane T45

Cat.No    ACM-IM-107
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A non-reinforced anionn exchange membrane (AEM). The polymer backbone for this membrane is based on a proprietary hydrocarbon resin.

Electrodialysis for demineralisation, desalination, capacitive deionization and others. This membrane can also be used for standard akaline fuel cell and electrolyzers that are utilizing slightly alkaline solutions (1-2 Molar).

Density 6.0-8.5 mg/cm2
Backing Foil PET Foil
Bubble Point >2.5 bar (in H2O at 25°C)
Characteristics Very low resistance, high selectivity and high stability in pH acidic and basic environment.
Counter Ion Bromide (Br-)
Delivery Condition Dry (Delivery form)
Elongation At Break 15-60%
Exchange Capacity 1.6-2.0 (in Cl- form) meq/g
Membrane Appearance Transparent/Brown
Non-Std Modulus 1000-1800 MPa
Permselectivity 92-96%
Reinforcement None
Resistance 0.6-1.5 (in Cl- form) Ω·cm2 (Specific area resistance)
Size 10cm x 10cm, 20cm x 30cm
Specific Conductivity 3-8 (in Cl- form) mS·cm-1
Swelling 0-1% (in H2O at 25°C) (Dimensional Swelling)
Tensile Strength 30-40 MPa (max.)
Thickness 45-55 µm
Transfer Rate 1000-3000 µmol·min-1·cm-2 (Proton Transfer Rate)
Yield Strength 30-40 MPa (at 23°C/50% R.H.)

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